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VISPO DMC will be attending to IFTM TOP RESA at Paris, from 20 to 24 of September (Std E63)
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VISPO DMC has attended to 1st Business & Events Virtual Trade Fair organized by SATAE
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IZMIR is official candidate for SKAL WORLD CONGRESS 2014 !
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18 The most important evidences of the Paleolithic period in Anatolia can be

The Bronze Age

19 The major sites of that period are Troy I and II, Kultepe,

The Iron Age

20 11C-10C BC : The Achaen migrations : the famous Troyan War,

The Graeco - Persian Period

21 The Persian Achaemenid conquest: in 612 BC, the Medes, allied to Babylon, caused...

Greek and Roman Cultures

22 The temple, conceived as a dwelling place for the deity, evolved from ....

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